Industrial Power Generating Solar Plant in Walnut!


Overview of planned solar plant

Mt SAC is proceeding with the construction of an 11-acre Industrial Power Generating Solar Plant at the Southwest Corner of Grand and Amar.  This entails the removal of the natural habitat and leveling of the rolling hills of approximately 22 acres.

While UWT is a strong proponent of renewable energy, a more environmentally friendly and viable option would be the carport solar on Mt. SAC’s extensive flat surface parking areas with the added advantage of providing shade.

This project does not align with the City of Walnuts residential character and is contrary to the designation of Grand Avenue as a scenic highway.

To see the visual impact, go to the Solar Farm Line of Sight Study prepared by UWT on the Resource page.

Findings of the Geological Reports 

In addition to the aesthetic component there was serious Landslide potential discovered at the site.  This was uncovered by the Geotechnical firm hired by UWT, Terrestrial Solutions Inc., TSI.  TSI reviewed Mt. SACS’s geotechnical study conducted by Converse consultants where there was no mention of landslide activity.  Due to the substantial deficiencies in the Converse report, Mt. SAC hired Leighton consulting as a peer reviewer over Converse.

The Leighton report commissioned by Mt SAC confirms what Terrestrial Solutions, Inc. (UWT engineering geologist expert) has concluded that inadequate field investigations have been completed to properly evaluate geological and geotechnical risks of the West Parcel Solar project and if these risks can be properly mitigated.  Specifically, Leighton confirms that bedding orientations of the project are out-of-slope and unfavorable to slope stability, which is consistent with TSI findings and contrary to Converse conclusions.

More concerning the preliminary analysis performed by Leighton confirms that slope stability near homes at Regal Canyon Drive as a result of the west parcel project does not meet a minimum level factor of safety.

Additionally, both Leighton and TSI reports highlight that no slope stability analysis has been conducted to determine landslide and project risks and mitigation potential.

UWT TSI Geotechnical Report;[7354].pdf

Mt SAC Leighton Geotechnical Report;[5477].pdf

Hauling of Dirt for Solar Project

The other serious concern generated by this project is the truck hauling and disposal of 139,000 cubic yards of dirt at the site. The truck hauling daily from the Stadium to the site for extended hours over the course of at a minimum 3 months is not just a major inconvenience for the residents but could potentially be a safety concern.

One or possibly two 30-ton trucks at a time leaving the West Parcel after dumping their loads will be required to quickly weave into traffic gaps from a “full stop” to normal traffic speeds onto Grand Avenue.  Trucks will travel south while public traffic quickly closes in and encounters them from behind on a right trending Grand Avenue turn with poor views looking ahead.  These types of “real time” safety issues cannot be analyzed through numerical models.   Accidents occur by co-mingling haul routes with public roadways, including fatalities when motorists do not see flagmen (Pers. Exp., D. Majors, MWD Manager, Inland Feeder Project, 1999). The co-mingling of a haul route with public traffic, as is being done here, particularly by merging 10,000+ trucks entering the right-trending Grand Avenue turn should be avoided due to public safety risks.

UWT Historical Court Ruling

On March 14, 2017 the Los Angeles superior court ruled in favor of UWT on all matters.  Court identified the proposed ‘Parking Structure’ as abandoned by Mt. SAC. The court affirmed the authority of the City of Walnut over grading and hauling for the West Parcel Solar Plant.  The court importantly affirmed that Mt. SAC has a pattern and practice of violating California Environmental Quality Act CEQA.

Go to the Resource page and view Historical Court Ruling

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