As you know discovering the misuse of bond money by Mt Sac has left UWT and the Walnut community very skeptical of school bonds.

Over the last couple of months members from our organization have been working closely with CALTAN (California Taxpayers Action Network) a taxpayers watchdog group to determine what would be necessary in a favorable bond for the taxpayers. We held a town hall like fundraising dinner that featured CALTAN attorney Kevin Carlin and the Assistant Superintendent Michael Hudson. Community involvement during this dinner was excellent. We participated in and attended a town hall held by WVUSD. We met individually with Superintendent Taylor and Assistant Superintendent Hudson. At every level of our meetings we stressed the importance of transparency and the right of Walnut residents to fully and adequately be informed on what they will vote for or against.

We wanted to ensure the following and they agreed:

1. There was a needs and assessment study conducted.
2. Amount of bond was reasonable (152 million) and addressed the needs. They listened to our earlier concern over a much higher bond of 300 million and reduced it.
3. There was a specific project list identified and committed to.
4. The project list was prioritized.
5. That contracts awarded from bond proceeds would be by sealed competitive bid process.
6. That proceeds from the bond shall be used only for purposes set forth in the bond measure.
7. That the district state anticipated total cost of borrowing for each series of bonds prior to issuance of bond.

These points are a few of the concerns we wanted to make sure the district addressed and implemented in the new bond.

After reviewing the draft bond project list and resolution presented to the WVUSD Board of Trustees, we are confident that the proposed bond reflects what’s best for Walnut schools and community.

We are pleased to announce that UWT board has unanimously agreed to endorse and act as a signatory on the bond measure. Furthermore, CALTAN, the taxpayers watch group, has also endorsed WVUSD bond!

We believe the model and example set by WVUSD is one that should be adopted by other school districts state wide.

We commend our superintendent Dr. Taylor and his staff for their transparency and commitment to community involvement.

Walnut is known for its high quality of education for K-12, passing a school bond that is favorable to the taxpayers ensures the community commitment to education. We do want the best for our children.

Ultimately the decision is yours.

In an effort to bring as much information and transparency to the community, UWT will be hosting an Informational Community Dinner with  WVUSD superintendent Dr. Taylor as guest speaker to address all of your questions on Friday, October 14 at 7 pm at the Hibachi Super Buffett.

This is a great opportunity for community dialogue on the school bond and the District of Choice legislation.

Join us to get informed and have your voice heard.

Attached is the flyer with the details. 2016 Dinner.pptx


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