Save the Date June 17, 2016

Summer Community Dinner Event!

 School Bonds the GOOD the BAD & the UGLY 

We are honored to have as guest speaker Kevin Carlin, the attorney representing taxpayers and organizations throughout California who recently obtained published appellate court decisions clarifying taxpayers’ standing to challenge illegal public contracts; proper school leaseback contracts and conflict of interest limitations applicable to consultants advising public entities.

Mr. Carlin will be speaking on:
1. Results of June School Bond Elections Statewide
2. Anticipated November School Bonds
3. The Correlation Between School Bond Campaign Donations And Contract Awards
4. Pending Legislation to Reform Non-Competitively Bid School Leaseback Contracts

Check out his website at

We will also be updating you on the Walnut General Plan, and how you could give our City your input.

Tickets are $30 adults & $10 children 10 or under.

Come join us Friday, June 17,  7 pm at 

Hibachi Super Buffet at 1459 N. Citrus, Covina.

For tickets call 213 663-8927 or email requests to

Want clarification on school bonds, join us and get the word out to Walnut friends and neighbors!

This is a fund raising event for United Walnut Taxpayers, a non profit community organization.

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