Walnut City Council Candidates Forum

United Walnut Taxpayers (UWT)

together with

Chinese American Association of Walnut (CAAW)


Walnut City Council Candidates Forum

Moderated by Mr. George Lewis retired NBC Nightly News correspondent

Friday, February 19, 7-10 pm

Walnut Senior Center

21215 La Puente Rd, Walnut

All candidates running for City council will be participating!

Andrew Rodriguez , Betty Tang,  Eric Ching,  Bella Cristobal,

Dino Pollalis and Nancy Tragarz

Get to know the candidates & issues


Candidate Forum Guidelines and Rules;

1) Moderator of the Forum – Moderator shall sort the questions and address them to the candidates.

2) Audience Control – Members from UWT and CAAW will distribute BLANK index cards and collect the questions on the index card and submit to the moderator. All questions must be written on index cards.

3) Question Format – Moderator shall pre-screen the questions for duplication and/or for similar subject/substance. Personal questions/attack will not be entertained.

4) Time Limits – Opening and Closing remarks for each Candidate will be allowed no more than 2 minutes each. The order of the opening and closing remarks will be determined by a blind draw. Candidates will be given no more than 2 minutes to answer each question.

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